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To put our cultivated experience and expertise into use and provide our customers with reliable and tailored solutions along with quick back-up services, all the while working on minimizing our carbon footprint so that East African communities and industries can thrive in a clean environment and perform at their full potential.

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The GRUNDFOS MP204 is a state of art electronic motor protector for asynchronous motors and can be used with both single and three phase motors. The unit consists of a cabinet incorporating instrument transformers and electronics and a control panel with operating buttons and display for reading data. It offers motor protection against current and voltage irregularities, dry running, earth leakage, high internal motor temperature, and power factor. It also monitors harmonic distortion, starting and running capacitances if used with a single phase motor and can be connected to an external PTC thermal cutout switch.

GRUNDFOS offers a complete range of stainless-steel flow cooling sleeves for both vertical and horizontal operation. Flow sleeves are recommended for all applications in which motor cooling is insufficient. The result is a general extension of motor life. Flow Sleeves are to be fitted in these cases.

Variable speed pump Controller CUE is now a well-established technology with many benefits including:
  • Reduced energy consumption as pump output is always matched to suit demand. Up to 50% savings are possible.
  • Soft start and stop that prevents water hammer and system pressure surges.
  • Reduced pump loads and extended pump ad motor life.
Grundfos Flow Cooling Sleeve 50Hz 5.5Kw -250Kw
Grundfos MP204 50Hz Max. 5W
Grundfos Variable Speed Pump Controller 50Hz 2.2Kw – 37Kw