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To put our cultivated experience and expertise into use and provide our customers with reliable and tailored solutions along with quick back-up services, all the while working on minimizing our carbon footprint so that East African communities and industries can thrive in a clean environment and perform at their full potential.

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The GRUNDFOS SCALA2 is a fully integrated compact self-priming water supply system for pressure boosting in domestic applications. It incorporates adjustable variable speed technology so constant pressure is delivered irrespective of demand and can be used in boosting applications from the mains, from tanks, and from wells.

The GRUNDFOS MQ3 is a domestic cold water booster pump with integral controls. The pump incorporates a pressure vessel, pressure switch, and flow sensor, and is supplied with a no return valve for installation to the pump inlet connection. The electronic controller ensures that the pump starts automatically according to demand. The controller also protects the pump in case of loss of water supply (dry running) and motor overheating. The compact design of the pump with water cooled motor makes it possible to install in the most confined spaces, including unventilated enclosures. The pump features a user-friendly control panel with the On/Off button and indicator lights for indicator of pump operation.

Grundfos CMBE 3-62 50Hz 1.1Kw
Grundfos JP5 50Hz 0.775Kw
Grundfos MQ3-45 50Hz 0.67Kw
Grundfos SCALA 2 50Hz 0.55Kw