Our Mission Statement

To put our cultivated experience and expertise into use and provide our customers with reliable and tailored solutions along with quick back-up services, all the while working on minimizing our carbon footprint so that East African communities and industries can thrive in a clean environment and perform at their full potential.

Contact Us

  • +255 658 090007
  • Near Airtel Head Office, Moroco Area, Plot No 241, Ali Hassan Mwinyi


Affordable energy, water, and telecom services are basic necessities for human life and the lack or loss of these services can threaten the health and safety of vulnerable households or even entire communities.

We strive to meet the growing demand for our services while simultaneously ensuring a minimal negative impact on our people, our neighbors, and the environment in which we operate.

Furthermore, we are actively working on finding new ways to minimize our carbon footprint in order to move towards a greener future.

Our promise:
  • To always be ahead by actively pursuing continuous improvement in all of our operations and by creating innovative power solutions.
  • To partner with our customers for best business practices and reach win-win situations.
  • To embrace corporate responsibility and to contribute to the communal advancement of our society by supporting the environment.
  • To encourage our employees to live a more sustainable life by saving water and energy, printing documents only when absolutely necessary, recycling, both at work and at home, avoiding single-use plastics, and switching to plastic-free alternatives.